Training Need Analysis Case Study Assignment Help

Training Need Analysis Case Study Assignment Help

Answer 1: Training Need Analysis

Training Need Analysis (TNA) is the process, which is used to identify the

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problems and other issues in the workplace and determine the areas, where training is considered as the best method. Training Need Analysis is required when, organizations face performance problems, anticipate introduction of new system and desire of the organization to benefit from opportunity. It has been analyzed that training is needed in the company IMP because this company has not promoted the diversity in the organizational structure. In this company, male dominated environment has been analyzed.

Further, training is only given to the men, whereas women do not receive any training session on regular intervals (Cashra, 2012). Therefore, it has been analyzed that training should be given to the employees in order to develop the skills regarding gender equality. Company should treat men and women on equal basis and provide equal opportunity. This strategy will make sound position of the company. Further, Ms. Dillman will also be able to work effectively in the healthy and supportive environment. In order to conduct the Training Need Analysis (TNA), company should talk to the consultant, through which Hanger 3 will be able to analyze the problems in working structure.

Answer 2

Training is given to the employees in order to understand the working culture of the companies. With the help of training, employees will be able to work on the right problems. Further, it will also helpful in saving the time, money and efforts of the companies. In case of IMP, trainer has to develop the knowledge about the professional working behavior in the company. Men in the company do not treat women with respect and use crude and vulgar languages. Such type of knowledge is necessary to recognize the inherent dignity and equal rights of all the members of the human family.

Further, training is useful in developing the skills of performing the task in an effective manner. On the job training is useful because employees in the company either men or women provided the opportunities according to their skills and abilities (Hasan, 2007). Company should develop the skills that every person in the company is free and equal in terms of dignity and rights. In addition to this, company should provide the training regarding the human rights. Therefore, it has been analyzed that by developing the knowledge, skills and abilities, IMP will be able to develop the effective human resource management program.

Answer 3

Training was required for the whole company because Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission was focused towards to be a trusted leader, protector and promoter of human rights. This commission has strengthened the relationship between government and public. This commission provides human right dispute resolution process, which is designed to resolve of problem of discrimination on system level. Further, it prevents discrimination through education, training and policy development. It has been analyzed that although company had a problem with Mr. Pettipas but manager in the company do not have knowledge about the human rights regarding discrimination.

It is necessary for the company to develop knowledge about the rights of individuals. Commission also provide assistance to the business organization about exploring diversity in the workplace and prevent discriminatory practices (Gray & Mitham, 2009). In addition, it has been analyzed that excluding Mr. Pettipas, every male employee in the company does not treat women with respect. Therefore, it is necessary to provide training to all the employees within the company. Mr. Rowe, CEO of the company was also not aware about the behavior of Mr. Pettipas. Thus, with the help of training every employee will aware about the human rights.

Answer 4

In order to make the training program effective, IMP has to focus towards the different areas in the organization structure. It has been analyzed that before providing training to the employees, managers in the company has to analyze the problem areas. Despite of training programs, company should make allocation of employees according to their skills and capabilities. Discrimination between men and women should be removed. In IMP, Ms. Dillman was the only women out of 100 employees working in Hanger 3. Further, meeting should be conducted at regular intervals in order analyze the problems in the company.

Company should also make rules and regulations for the unethical behavior in the organization. It has been analyzed that developing knowledge about the human rights will be helpful in protecting the interest of the people in the company (Girard, Phillips, Cahill & Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History, 2004). Punishment should be given for the misbehavior of male employees with women employees. Further, company should also maintain proper communication network, so that every type of information should be transferred to CEO of the company. Thus, apart from training programs, company should focus towards the other areas such as communication network, formulation of rules and regulation and developing ethical behavior.

Answer 5

In the evaluation of training program, manager should analyze the current skills and knowledge of employees. According to NSHRC, no person shall harass an individual or group with respect to prohibited ground of discrimination. Therefore, integrating the rule of NSHRC in working environment of IMP will be helpful in overcoming with problem of employee discrimination. Further, company should also develop the reward management program for the employees. It has been analyzed that reward management program will be helpful in motivating the employees for better and improved performance. Company should also conduct supervision at regular interval in order to analyze the working climate.

IMP should develop the grievance procedures in order to identify the problems of employees (Mendes & Lalonde-Roussy, 2003). With the help of grievance procedure, Ms. Dillman will be able to make complaints to the company about the wrong behavior of male employees. Training according to the problems in the company will be helpful in reducing the time and cost. Trainer has to convince the top management about the importance of training programs. By providing the report of decision of commission, trainer can convince the top management. Thus, in order to sustain the business, IMP has to conduct the training programs for employees.


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