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How have the ideas of constant improvement processes such as TQM, Six Sigma, and other improvement processes affected the overall strategy of organizations?

The constant improvement ideas such as Six Sigma, TQM and other

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Assignment Help

improvement processes influence the effectiveness of organizational strategy at greater extent. Total Quality Management (TQM) as a continuous improvement process enables an organization to focus over the each area that influences the overall performance. TOM is focused to improve systems and processes for delivering value to the customers. By this, an organization is enabled to identify the activities that are essential to achieve the objectives (Rath & Strong, 2003). These activities are considered, while formulating a strategy within the organization. It improves quality and effectiveness of the organizational strategy.

In addition, such improvement processes are also developed cause and effect relationship between goals and process capabilities of business that helps to determine the feasibility of strategy. Apart from this, an organization is enabled to evaluate the process capabilities through improvement processes that help to undertake comparative analysis. The analysis of competitors is helpful to determine such strategies that would be essential in competitive environment (Ehrlich, 2002). Eventually, such constant improvement ideas help to improve critical processes that are used to develop capabilities by improving strategy.

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