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Theory of Motivation

There are several theories of motivation that describe the impact of motivation on the overall level of job satisfaction of employee. For example given by assignment writing help of Canadian university, Herzberg two factor theory, Maslow needs hierarchy theory, motivation

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theory of Taylor and Mayo. The motivational problem can be explained with the help of need hierarchy theory of Maslow. This theory is also known as needs hierarchy theory, because an individual changes his needs due to change in their job satisfaction. This theory considers five motivational needs of an individual that are physiological, safety, social, esteem and self-esteem needs. An individual moves towards another needs, if one need has been satisfied.

At the same time, this theory explains the motivational problems that an individual faces due to non-fulfillment of their needs.  If the physiological needs of an individual would not fulfill, it would affect on the finance, career and good health. This is the first need of the worker that must be completed to move towards safety needs. Worker would be de-motivated and their working life would be affected, if their physiological needs would not fulfill. Safety needs require protection and security of an individual that is second level of human needs. These needs create problems to an individual in their motivation.

Along with this business assignment experts of university, if the individuals do not fulfill social needs, they cannot work effectively outside the organization. If all these needs of the human beings do not fulfilled, they cannot increase their performance. These needs should be completed to attain the organizational goals. This theory explains that how these needs motivate the employees to work and increase their performance. The incentives and rewards motivate workers to give their best performance, so these must be fulfilled to turn and progress up in the hierarchy.

Interventions and Actions to Change the Motivational Behavior

There are several actions and interventions that can be helpful in changing motivation behavior of the employees. First, motivational interviewing is the approach that can enhance the faithfulness of the employees. Motivational problems can be solved by using motivation interviewing. It is because it determines facts of the employees to implement changes in their lives. This approach is quite significant to counsel several levels of readiness to change their behavior. This intervention is based on four major principles to change the behavior of the employees that are express empathy, develop discrepancy, roll with resistance and support self-efficacy.

Apart from this assignment help, Maslow needs hierarchy theory and motivational theory of Elton Mayo also confirms this intervention. Motivational theory of Elton Mayo affirms that human beings can be motivated by meeting social needs whilst at work. In addition, this theory believes to change motivational behavior of the employees by treating and interacting with them in the efficient way. The motivational behavioral change can be implemented by better communication among employees and workers, greater involvement of managers with employees working lives and working in the team.

At the same time, all these actions can be more effective to the organizational development and employee motivation. It is because; better communication would be effective for the organization to obtain the feedbacks from the employees. In addition, increasing involvement of manager would also change the motivational behavior of the employees, because it impact on the level of attention. Team work is also a significance intervention to maintain regularity in work. All these actions would be effective to re-organize production and to motivate the employees by fulfilling his all kinds of needs at different levels.

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