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Due Week 4 and worth 150 points

Develop a job / task analysis for one (1) of the following positions: •First-level clerk in a personnel office in a branch of the military

  • An entry-level job in a customer service call center
  • A cable installation service technician
  • A retail sales clerk in a specialty paint store


Job description provides the information related to the job and contains the components such as essential job functions, knowledge and critical skills, environmental factors and physical demands. This paper evaluates job description of the cable installation service technician. Along with this assignment help, it also discusses customized job analysis and its various benefits to the

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Job Description

Job description is the specification; in which a person explains the general tasks, functions and responsibilities related to the particular position. Organization formulates the job description of cable installation service technician. It has been analyzed that cable installation service technician has to repair, adjust and install the television, stereo system, electronic home appliances etc. Further, cable technician has to be responsible for running new cables in the new and existing buildings (Mader-Clark, 2008). He is also responsible for testing and troubleshooting of cables as well as for setting up new telecommunications frames.

Cable technician should have competent skills and knowledge in order to perform the task effectively. Person should be knowledgeable in structured cabling and advanced technologies. Further, he should be able to communicate effectively and appropriately, while dealing with other departments and personnel at different levels. Person should be initiative and creative for the self-development within and outside the company (Mainline Communication, 2012).

Common Tasks

In the various types of job descriptions, every cable technician should have the skills to repair and adjust the electronic appliances. Cable technician should be responsible to manage all the technical problems related to cables in the machinery and other equipments. Candidate should have basic skills associated to computer such as Microsoft office; Excel and Outlook that are helpful in solving the technical problems in the companies. They should also have knowledge regarding various wiring configurations and terminations (Henderson, 2004). Thus, it has been analyzed that every company require technical skills related to computer in order to perform the job of cable installation service technician.

Customized Job Analysis

Job analysis is the primary tool for the management of employees. In this statement, manager synthesizes gathers and implements the information available regarding the workforce in the company. In the customized job analysis for cable installation service technician, manager will involve the job functions such as candidate should be responsible for terminating and testing new cables in the organization structure. Apart from this, person should also have skills to make effective communication with different departments in the organization. Further, he should have knowledge in order to grab the external market opportunities and advance technologies (Mader-Clark, 2008).

Candidate should also be qualified in the areas of computer and other software. Candidate should be capable to work well with little supervision and also able to work in the team environment. Individual should possess valid driver license and clean driving record. Cable technician should have knowledge of telecommunication industry to understand its work in effective manner.

Benefits for Organization

From such type of job, organization can be able to get various benefits in order to achieve its goals in efficient way. Further, companies can solve the issues related to the technical and wiring problems in the machinery and equipments. Cable technician is helpful in troubleshooting and testing the wiring problems in the company. With the help of cable technician, companies can perform various functions such as new installation, service upgrade and service downgrade and service disconnection (Byrne, 2005). Through these functions, organizations can overcome with the various problems in the telecommunication network.

By recruiting cable technician, companies can connect different customers and companies with the television programming, internet and various other telecommunication services. Therefore, it has been analyzed that telecommunication companies have to recruit the cable technician in order to solve the issues in the companies.

Opportunities for Appropriate Training

Telecommunication companies should provide training to the employees in order to solve the different issues. Teaching to the cable technician is related to guide the employees, how to work with telecommunication technologies such as fiber-optic cables and wireless networks. Providing training to the employees is helpful in guiding the employees for connecting the telecommunication lines for the business firms and customers. Therefore, it has been analyzed that developing the skills of employees is helpful in exploring the various external market opportunities for the companies (Taylor & Parish, 2007).


From the above discussion by our business assignment help experts, it can be concluded that cable technician should have knowledge related to repairing and installing the televisions. With the help of cable technician, telecommunication companies are able to solve the issue related to wiring and other technical problems. Further, training to the employees will be helpful for the company to develop the skills that are useful in connecting telecommunication lines for business and customers.



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