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As per assignment help writers, Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) of an organization basically based on customer orientation and data driven method of

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communication with the customers and coordination and integration of all marketing communication tools and functions to generate customer relations. In this concern, following components make up an organization’s integrated marketing communication mix:
Foundation: The foundation such as organization’s image and brand management, buyers’ behavior and promotions opportunity analysis in the market determines integrated marketing communication mix of an organization.
Advertising Tools: The advertising tools includes advertising management, advertising design to appeal and advertising media selection for making strong brand image and firm image in competitive market.
Promotional Tools: The promotional tools are the way through which an organization makes its presence in the market by utilization of trade promotions, consumer promotions and personal selling. Addition to this, customer relations management, public relations and sponsorship programs are the way that facilitates organization’s integrated marketing communication mix.

Further, these components are used through developing the message to check current messaging and advertising programs in the market. These components are also used through sales force to know the way of selling the product/services.

Role of Public Relations in IMC

Public relations play an important role in IMC because the success of organization depends on customer preferences for products. The public relations process manages all sources of information about a product that moves the customers towards firm and maintains customer loyalty. The public relations also play a prominent role in IMC for making effective marketing program to enhance ability of this marketing program to contribute in the credibility of the product message in the market. The public relations are the priority of every organization to make brand awareness through advertizing the product, it provides base in IMC for building brand credibility. The public relations in IMC expand organization’s field to influence and develop more effective strategic planning to accomplish the plan more efficiently with great performance. Public relations increase organizations’ management to make relationships with its various publics such as consumers, shareholders, employees, partners, competitors and the government to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationship to enhance business success. The public relations in IMC also build trust and acceptance among organizations with all of its publics in competitive environment.

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